Ask Sona Card

Ask Sona Card is a joint venture of Askari Bank Limited (AKBL) & Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited (FFCL), specially designed to create convenience and cater to the business needs of FFCL and its dealers. It is an innovative, high-tech electronic cash management solution that replaces the existing conventional collections system. The payment/transaction specific debit card is proprietary technology, with plastic money features which will revolutionize the concept of transfer of funds.

Askari Bank has become the market leader in cash management solutions with the launch of Ask Sona Card. Please visit your nearest Askari Bank Branch to avail this facility.

  • User-friendly
  • Safe and easy to carry
  • Plastic money, error free and cost effective
  • Highest per-transaction limit of Rs. 2 million with
    unlimited number of transactions in a day
  • Instant transfer of funds from dealer’s account to FFCL account
  • Instant confirmation of merchandise booking
  • Ask Sona Card will only be used to purchase products from FFCL
  • Ask Sona Card will have an expiration date of 5 years
  • Zero issuance and replacement charges (once in a calendar year)
  • Card accepted at all FFCL sales points across Pakistan basis
  • Instant confirmation of funds transfer through SMS

  • What is Ask Sona Card?
    Ask Sona Card is a kind of proprietary Payment/Transaction Specific Debit Card with plastic money features, specially designed to meet the business needs of Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd. (FFCL) and its dealers.
  • Who can apply for Ask Sona Card?
    Only a registered FFCL dealer who has Ask Sona Account with AKBL can apply for Ask Sona Card.
  • What is the eligibility criteria for Ask Sona Card?
    Any dealer who has opened his Ask Sona Account at any Askari Bank branch can apply for Ask Sona Card.
  • Is there any annual fee on Ask Sona Card?
    No, Ask Sona Card is issued free of cost.
  • How long would transfer of  funds take from a dealer’s account to FFCL an account?
    At the swipe of the Ask Sona Card, an instant transfer of funds will take place from a dealer’s account to an FFCL account maintained with AKBL.
  • How will a dealer receive notification of his completed transaction?
    A dealer will receive an SMS on his cell number as soon as his transaction is processed.
  • How is Ask Sona Card different from other Debit Cards?
    Ask Sona Card can only be used to purchase products from FFCL authorized sales points. It cannot be used at ATMs.
  • Are there any replacement charges for Ask Sona Card?
    In case of loss or damage, a replacement of Ask Sona Card will be free once in a calendar year. However, any subsequent replacement of Ask Sona Card will come with a charge as per the Bank Schedule of Charges.
  • Is there any possibility of misuse of Ask Sona Card?
    No. Since this card can only be used at authorized Point of Sales (POS) machines at FFCL sales points, there are no chances of misuse of this card.
  • What is the process to activate/block Ask Sona Card?
    An FFCL dealer can activate/block his/her Ask Sona Card by calling the Askari Bank’s 24/7 Voice & Virtual Center at 051-111-000-787.