Employee Banking

Askari Banking Limited (AKBL) stands as your all-encompassing Human Resources ally, serving as the top choice for your employees’ banking needs. Our dedicated employee banking solution is designed to empower you, allowing your workforce to enjoy the benefits of tailor-made financial solutions seamlessly integrated with a digital layer. We pride ourselves on offering the most competitive rates on consumer products, enhancing the overall financial well-being of your employees.
What truly sets us apart is our commitment to providing a unique and hassle-free onboarding experience. At AKBL, we understand the importance of a smooth transition into our banking services, ensuring that both employers and employees can navigate the process effortlessly. Trust AKBL to be the partner that not only understands your business’s HR needs but also prioritizes a user-friendly banking experience for your valued workforce.

Key Features:

For Employers

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • 24/7 Disbursement Facility
  • Corporate Portal for Bulk Transfer Run

For Employees

  • No Minimum Balance Requirement
  • No Initial Balance
  • Debit Card – Issuance & Annual Fee
  • Mobile Banking FREE
  • Inter Bank Funds Transfer FREE
  • SMS Alerts FREE
  • 1-Link Switch Charges FREE
  • Bankers Cheque- FREE
  • Duplicate Statements and Certificates- FREE
  • Preferential Rates on Consumer Products

Above mention are subject to prevailing terms and conditions.

You may avail these services through contacting branches or sales-tbu@Askaribank.com.pk. Our regional Sales team will be in touch with you.