Askari Hunarmand Finance

A product, specially designed by AKBL (under PMKJ YES Scheme) in collaboration with Pakistan Army on concessional mark up rate for business loans to the following employees of armed forces of Pakistan.

i)   Retired young armed forces veterans and their immediate family members (spouse & children only)
ii)  Families of Comissioned / Non Commissioned officers (spouse and children only). Applicant(s) must not be Government      employee.
iii) Age bracket between 21 to 45 years (18 years in case of IT business)

  • Lowest mark up rate @ 2.5%
  • Maximum amount upto Rs. 2 Million
  • Maximum Period of loan upto 08 years
  • Maximum grace period upto 12 months
  • Secured against Pension / salary of armed forces employees in AKBL’s account.
  • Life insurance upto loan amount.
  • Quick process of approval

Q 1.  What is the purpose of this loan?

This loan is purely for business purposes, either to start a new business or expansion of existing business. Applicant must be sole proprietor or partner or private limited or AoP with NTN certificate

Q 2. Can this loan be availed for personal use, marriage or personal vehicle?


Q 3. Who can apply for this?

Following persons(s) with age bracket of 21 to 45 can apply

i.  Retired young armed forces veterans and their immediate family members (spouse &     children only)
ii.  Families of commissioned / JCOS / NCOs (spouse & children only).

Q 4. Who is not eligible to avail Askari Hunarmand Finance?

Following person(s) can not avail this loan:
i.  Serving commissioned / non commissioned employees of armed forces.
ii.  Families (spouse and children) who are govt employees.
iii.  Age is more than 45 or less than 21 (age of 18 is only eligible for IT business with       relevant education and experience)
iv.  Defaulter of any bank
v.  Non payment of 02 consecutive utility bills.
vi.  Salary or pension less than Rs. 25,000/-

Q 5. How can this loan be applied?

Applicants Apply through PMKJ portal through ONLINE with following link

Q 6. Who to contact for information about processing and approval?

Mr. Babar Rahim : 051-9063140 and 9063167
Email :

Q 7. What is minimum and maximum amount of loan?

a.  Minimum : Rs. 500,000/-
b.  Maximum : Rs. 2,000,000/-

Q 8.What will be equity participation from borrower?

a.  For setting up of new business :
     10% equity for loan upto Rs. 1.00M
     20% equity for loan above Rs. 1.00M

b.  For existing business
     No equity requirement

Q 9. What will be security against this loan?

  • Letter of comfort from respective unit / formation to ensure availability of installment amount in salary or pension account.
  • Pension account of retired veteran / officer with AKBL
  • Salary account of commissioned / Non-commissioned officer with AKBL
  • Minimum one salary / pension to be transferred to account with AKBL’s

Q 10. What is mark up rate on this loan?

Special discounted mark up rates applied as per following:-

  • If loan amount upto Rs. 1,000,000/- Mark up @2.5% p.a. flat
  • If loan amount is above Rs. 1,000,000/- Mark up rate @3.5% p.a. flat

Q 11. What is tenure of Loan and grace period?

  • Tenure of loan is Maximum 8 years including grace period (if any).
  • Maximum grace period will be 1 year

Q 12. What documents are required to be attached with application for processing?

  • Letter of comfort from relevant formation / unit ensuring installment amount to be available in applicant’s account.
  • Copy of Pension Book / evidence of pension or salary slip.
  • Detail of business through feasibility Report (simple business plan with, Amount of investment, equity / loan, expenses and profitability)
  • Bank Statement showing pension amount being credited in AKBL.
  • Utility Bill (any one)
  • Any other document as per AKBL’s policy.

Q 13 . What will be tentative Installments against different amounts?

Amount of loan Tenures
02 years
05 years
08 years

*Life and Vehicle Insurance (In case vehicle finance for business) will be applied under AKBL Corporate Arrangement

Mr. Babar Rahim
Contact: 051-9063140 and 9063167
Email :