Wholesale Bank (Branch), Bahrain

Wholesale Bank (Branch) – Bahrain (Licensed as Conventional Wholesale Bank (Branch) by CBB)

Askari Bank Limited, Wholesale Bank (Branch) – Bahrain was registered on December 31, 2002 and commenced its operations on April 03, 2003 in accordance with an Offshore Banking Unit license issued by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB). Effective July 01, 2006, the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) introduced a new integrated licensing framework, under which the Branch continues its entire existing suite of permitted operations under a new conventional wholesale bank license.

Bahrain’s Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) 30 of 2018 – Privacy Notice

Askari Bank Limited, Wholesale Bank (Branch) offers a wide range of products & services to its customers including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Trade Finance
    • Import Services:
      • Documentary Letters of Credit
      • Import Documentary Collection
    • Export Services:
      • LC Advising
      • LC Confirmation
      • Bill Discounting
      • Export Documentary Collections
    • Guarantees:
      • Bid Bonds
      • Performance Bonds
      • Advance Payment Guarantees
      • Counter-Guarantees of the Correspondent Banks
      • Other Guarantees
    • Treasury & Institutional Banking
      • Buying /Selling of Foreign Exchange in major Currencies
      • Cross Currency FX Transactions
      • Fixed Income Portfolio
      • Foreign Exchange Futures/Forwards
      • Currency Swap
    • Private and Corporate Banking
      • Deposits-Non-Checking Accounts
        • Demand
        • Current and Fixed
        • Four Currencies
      • Facilities
        • OD
        • Lien over deposits
    • Syndicated Term Facilities
    • Working Capital Facilities

Following are some functions performed by WBB – Bahrain:

  • Focus on Customer Deposit Mobilization within GCC region
  • Act as an Investment arm of AKBL Treasury Division for deployment of surplus funds
  • Building Fixed Income Investment Portfolio by investing in multi country Sovereign Bonds
  • Engaging in FX transactions for clients
  • Building an Investment portfolio by investing in Syndicated loan portfolio
  • Investing in Syndicated Risk Participation deals
  • Investing in Sovereign Islamic Sukuk Bonds and Corporate Bonds
  • Providing trade finance facilities to clients including LC’s, LG’s and bill discounting
  • Providing credit facilities to clients by effective collateralization
  • Raising liquidity form the regional banks by way of Repo and clean lines
Branch Name Askari Bank Limited Wholesale Bank (Branch), Bahrain
Address Suite 102, 10th Floor, Wind Tower,
P.O. Box: 11720
Diplomatic Area, Manama,
Kingdom of Bahrain
Telephone +973 17530500
Fax +973 17532400
Email wbbbh@askaribank.com.pk
Branch Timing Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Customer Service wbbcomplaints@askaribank.com.pk

As per the instruction of Central Bank of Bahrain, effective May 31, 2021, (Purpose of Payment Code) Field must be provided for all cross-border SWIFT transfers in Bahrain, as per the list of purpose codes available on Askari Bank limited, Wholesale Bank (Branch) Bahrain official website.

To view Purpose Codes for All Cross-Border SWIFT Payments in Bahrain click here

Customer satisfaction at Askari Bank Limited, Wholesale Bank (Branch) – Bahrain, is a prime concern, the bank recognizes the right of its customer to complain. To report complaints, please follow the instructions mentioned below.