Why Choose Askari Bank!

To become the employer of 1st choice in the Region”, we believe in putting our PEOPLE first. We believe that by bringing together our collective expertise, insight, and professionalism, we will grow individually and succeed collectively. We utilize a variety of methods and tools to help us determine our current and potential employees’ skill level and motivations.

  • We believe in an enabling work environment for our employees to be happy and motivated
  • We believe that Respect is the fundamental right of every employee in every workplace. If people feel they are treated with respect, they usually respond with respect and dignified actions. Part of respect is praise and feedback so people know how they are doing at work. Our policies ensure that the basic right of each employee to respect and be respected is fully in vogue
  • We strongly believe in Team spirit and value participation of each team member. We know and value open but healthy communication amongst our staff by introducing such practices/systems that our staff members know and have access to information as quickly as anyone else in the workplace
  • We want our employees to Learn new skills, develop their capabilities and Grow their knowledge and careers. Making developmental opportunities available to each employee is led by our commitment to helping them develop their careers
  • We know and value our employees’ involvement to have an impact on decisions that are made about their jobs. Employee involvement and employee empowerment in our procedures, performance evaluation tools and policies helps to create engaged employees willing to put forth their discretionary energy for the business
  • We see and invest in our Leadership by having strong focus on our potential staff members. We value their abilities and introduce appropriate tools to build on their skills and give them real sense of being on the right track, going somewhere that has been defined and is important

Whether you are a fresh graduate or experienced professional, we assure you that you work experience with Askari shall be mutually beneficial enriching relationship providing you good growth opportunities.