Askari Asaan Account (AAA)

The AAA is easily accessible to unbanked/underbanked individuals. These may include, but are not limited to skilled/unskilled workforce, farmers, laborers/daily wagers, women/housewives, self-employed individuals, pensioners, young adults etc.

  • Offered in current & savings account categories in Pak Rupee
  • Simple account opening form
  • Account opening with Rs.100/-
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Bi-annual account statement
  • No service charges for account opening & closing
  • Free PayPak Debit Card issuance (subsequent charges apply as per the prevailing Schedule of Charges)
  • SMS Alerts
  • E-statements
  • I-Net banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Transaction limit is Rs. 1,000,000/- for total credit balance and total debit per month
  • Cross border (outward) transactions shall not be allowed except in case of international transactions carried out through debit cards
  • Customers can place their funds in Bank’s prescribed TDR products. However, the maximum credit balance limit will be inclusive of funds placed in TDRs

Resident Pakistani individuals who do not maintain/have any other account (single or joint) in Askari Bank Limited are eligible to open the AAA in Pak rupees as a single/joint account.

Who can open Askari Asaan Account (AAA)?
Only those resident Pakistani individuals, who are not maintaining/having any other account (single or joint) in Askari Bank Limited, are eligible to open Askari Asaan Account (AAA) in Pak Rupee as single or joint accounts.

What is the account type of AAA?
AAA is offered in both current and savings account categories.

Can I open AAA in a currency other than PKR?
No. AAA can only be opened in Pak Rupee.

What is the minimum amount required to open AAA?
AAA can be opened with minimum of Rs. 100 as initial deposit.

What identity documents do I need to submit to open AAA?
You can submit a copy of any of the following documents to open AAA:
Computerized/Smart National Identity Card (CNIC/SNIC)
National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)
Pension Book

NOTE: In case of a minor’s account , Form B must be submitted along with the guardian’s identity documents.

Are there any transaction limits on AAA?
Total Debit limit per month: Rs. 1,000,000/-
Total Credit Balance limit: Rs. 1,000,000/-

Am I allowed to place my funds in Term Deposit through my AAA?
Yes. Customers are allowed to place their funds in Bank’s prescribed TDR products from their AAAs. However, maximum credit balance limit of Rs. 1,000,000/- shall be inclusive of funds placed in TDRs.

Can I apply for a PayPak Debit card for my AAA?
Yes. The issuance of PayPak Debit card for AAA is free; however, subsequent annual charges will apply as per prevailing Schedule of Charges.

Can I make cross border (outward) transactions through my AAA?
Cross border (outward) transactions shall not be allowed in AAA.

Can I open any other regular account in Askari Bank in addition to my AAA?
No. You can convert your AAA to any other regular account at Askari Bank subject to fulfilling the eligibility criteria prescribed by the Bank for the regular accounts.

In case of joint account can the secondary accountholder also maintain a regular account at Askari Bank?

Can I open AAA if I already maintain a Basic Banking Account (BBA) at Askari Bank?
No. However you can convert your BBA into AAA without any service charges.