Askari One Year Term Deposit

Tenure One Year
Profit Rate
Below Rs. 5.000 M 8.85% pa
From Rs. 5.000 M to Rs. 19.999 M 9.00% p.a
From Rs. 20.000 M to Rs. 49.999 M 9.50% p.a
From Rs. 50.000 M & above 10.00% p.a
Profit Payout At maturity
  • Individuals (either singly or jointly), proprietorship concerns, partnership firms, public and private limited companies (including guarantee limited & single member companies) government organizations, corporations, etc.
Other Details
  • Entire TDR amount (with or without profit) can be rolled-over upon request of customer
  • TDRs are subject to deduction of Zakat as per the Zakat & Ushr Ordinance of 1980
  • Profit payments on TDRs are subject to deduction of withholding tax as per government rules