Askari Cash for Card

Cash for Card is a service of Askari Bank through which customers can avail up to 70% of their assigned credit limit in the form of cash in their Askari Account or through a Banker’s Cheque.


All active Askari Credit Card holders can avail this facility based on Banks internal policies.

Modes of Fund Transfer

  • Cash can be made available to your account if you have an Askari Account
  • You can also receive a bankers cheque in case you don’t have a cash account

Time taken for Fund Transfer

Fund transfer to customer’s account usually takes 3-4 working days.

To apply:

To avail this facility you can call our Voice & Virtual Center at 111000787

  • Cash of up 70% of your assigned, unutilized limit can be availed
  • Flexible tenure of up to 24 months
  • Processing Fee for Cash for Card is Rs. 1,500/- or 3.5% of transaction amount, whichever is higher
  • Low markup rate of 3% per month
  • No guarantor or post-dated cheques required
  • No documentation required
1. How can I avail the cash advance facility on my credit card?

You can call our call centre to avail this facility.

2. How much cash I can avail against my credit card?

You can avail up to 70% of your assigned credit limit subject to availability of limit.

3. Is this similar to the cash advance I can obtain from ATM?

It is different in terms of charges. Through this facility you will be availing the cash advance on a much lower rate and charges than the usual cash advance.

4. How can I repay this facility?

You can repay in equal monthly installments from 3 to 24 months.

5. What are the processing charges of Cash for Card?

Processing Charges for Cash for Card is Rs. 1,500/- or 3.5% of transaction amount, whichever is higher.

6. Where can I receive the cash?

In case you have an Askari Account please provide us the details and the cash will be made available in your account. In case you don’t have an Askari account you can avail this facility through Banker’s Cheque.

7. How soon can I receive the Banker’s Cheque?

Within four working days of your request.

8. . If I want to repay full amount in my next bill will that be possible?

Yes, however in that case your transaction will be charged for early termination as per SOC, currently Rs. 1,500/- or 5.5% of the outstanding whichever is higher.