Free Banking Services

Khushiyoun Par No Charge! Askari Bank offers free services across Pakistan for all holders and potential customers.

    • Free Online Banking over 650 AKBL online branches:

    • Inter Branch Online Cash Withdrawal (Online Withdrawal)
    • Inter Branch Online Cash Deposit (Online Deposit)
    • Internal Fund Transfer within AKBL via branch (Online Transfer)
  • Free Banker’s Cheque Issuance for Current Account holders only
  • Free I-Net Banking
  • Free E-statement
  • Free SMS Alerts on digital transactions
  • and much more

Various other free services and benefits are offered on wide- range of Askari Bank Deposit Products, kindly visit product webpage for details.


Charges for other service will as per prevailing Schedule of Charges
Terms & Conditions apply

What is the difference between Online Banking & I-Net Banking?

  • Online banking is a form of transaction by which customers can send/receives money directly from one branch to another branch within the same bank (through branch counter).
  • Internet banking is the ability to perform electronic banking services via the I-net Portal, ATM & Bank application

What is the difference between IBFT & Online Transfer?

  • IBFT (Interbank Fund transfer) or Fund Transfer is commonly known as transfer of funds from AKBL account to an account in another bank. This electronic payment can be done via I-net banking, Mobile Application & ATMs. It is a charged service as per Schedule of Charges (SOC).
  • Online Transfer is a form of transaction which transfer fund directly from one branch to another branch within AKBL.

Two AKBL account holders located in different cities want to undertake or to conduct a business transaction via AKBL cheque. In this scenario the Account Holder – A can present deposit the cheque drawn in the name of Account Holder – B and the funds are transferred from Account A to B in real-time, without going for clearing.