Askari Visa Debit Card

Features Details
Classic Cash withdrawal limit is Rs. 100,000, shopping limit Rs. 200,000 & funds transfer limit Rs. 1,000,000/
Gold Cash withdrawal limit is Rs. 200,000, shopping limit Rs. 250,000 & funds transfer limit Rs. 1,000,000/
  • Literate individual customer
  • Having Pak Rupee checking account under the category of Current, Saving, ASDA, Value Plus Accounts (Current & Saving) Basic Banking Account and Smart Cash etc., with credit balance and ‘normal’ status, may apply
  • No minimum balance requirements for issuance or retention of the VISA debit card. An eligible customer may apply for any of the debit cards i.e. Classic or Gold
  • Joint account holders, with the authority to operate the account singly, may be issued supplementary card(s). The supplementary card(s) may be issued to only those joint account holders who can operate the account singly with either or survivor option
  • A customer/staff is allowed to retain as many cards as number of accounts and is allowed to link multiple accounts with single debit card
  • Multiple accounts of same customer, maintained at different branches of Askari Bank, may also be linked with single VISA Debit Card. If the customer has an account with other branch(es), the application receiving branch must verify & confirm the following either through online system or from the concerned branch(es)
Activation/Deactivation Through our call centre by calling our UAN 111-000-787