Internet Banking Overview

In pursuance of our quest to provide the most modern service to our customers, we offer banking through internet. Askari Bank is the first bank in Pakistan to provide such a service to its valued customers which is absolutely FREE. The new I-Net Banking Service is now more interactive, and has been expanded to include more information of interest to customers with enhanced security features.

Basic Features Value Added Features
  • Account Statement
  • Account Balance Inquiry
  • Funds Transfer Within Askari Bank (FT)
  • Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT)
  • View Scheduled Transactions
  • Utility Bill Payments
  • School/University/Government Payments
  • Mobile Payments (Pre-Paid/Post-Paid)
  • Payments History
  • Askari Credit Card Details/Statement
  • Askari Credit Card Bill Payment
  • SMS & Email Alerts
  • Enhanced Security through
    – One Time Access Code
    – Session Login & Logout Alerts
    – Transaction base F-PIN
  • Reward Points
  • Transaction Initiation for Cardless Cash Withdrawal through Askari ATM Network
  • Book Cinema, Event & Bus Tickets
  • Block / Unblock Debit Card services
  • Manage Daily Funds Transfer Limit
  • Account View Details
  • Loan Details
  • Add Payee for Funds Transfer
  • Add Billers for Utility Bill payments
  • Cheque Book Issuance
  • Cheque Management
  • Message Box

The new features and services will automatically become available to existing I-Net users.

Reward points can be earned by performing the following transactions:

  • Utility Bill Payments
  • Mobile Top-ups
  • Interbank Funds Transfer (IBFT)

Note: Earned Value: 1 Transaction    = 1 Reward point
          Burn Value:     1 Reward Point = PKR 0.25/-

Reward points can be redeemed to avail fee waiver on multiple banking product & services as follows:
Note: Reward points will be redeem as per current schedule of charges.

S.No. Product Description
1 Cheque book 25 leaf
2 Cheque book 50 leaf
3 Banker’s Cheque Issuance Fee
4 VISA Classic Issuance Fee
5 VISA Gold Issuance Fee
6 VISA Classic Replacement/Annual Fee
7 VISA Gold Replacement/Annual Fee
8 PayPak Silver Issuance Fee
9 PayPak Gold Issuance Fee
10 PayPak Silver Replacement/Annual Fee
11 PayPak Gold Replacement/Annual Fee
12 UnionPay Classic Issuance Fee
13 UnionPay Gold Issuance Fee
14 UnionPay Classic Replacement/Annual Fee
15 UnionPay Gold Replacement/Annual Fee
16 Issuance of Demand Drafts drawn on other banks under
special arrangements (0.12% or minimum Rs. 200/-)
17 Issuance of duplicate demand drafts (in lieu of lost)

Reward points redemption criteria shall be reviewed bi-annually.

In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions;

  • I don’t have an Account with Askari bank, Can I use Askari I – Net Banking Service?
    Customer must have a valid account with Debit Card either active or inactive to be able to use Askari I-Net Banking Service.
  • I do not have a Debit Card. Can I still get Askari I-Net Banking?
    Askari I-Net Banking requires a valid Debit Card. Please visit your branch to get your Debit Card.
  • How can I get an Askari I – Net Banking account? 
    If you are an Askari Bank account holder with Debit Card either active or inactive, you can register online for Askari I-Net Banking. All you have to do is click on Sign up link and fill out the application form to complete the registration process. Application will be processed in real time basis and Customer will be informed via text message on their registered mobile no with an inactive 8 Digit code required for activation process.
  • How do I get my Askari I -Net Banking account activated?
    Once your application is processed you will receive 8 digit inactive activation code on your registered mobile number along with instructions for biometric verification at any AKBL branch. Thereafter , call AKBL Voice & Virtual Center for activation of on-time Inactive activation code.
    After successful activation visit Askari I-Net Banking website and sign in using your User ID. Thereafter , you can enter one time password created through IVR along with activation code received on the registered mobile number. Note: Due to prevailing Covid-19 situation, I-Net Banking will be activated without biometric verification.
  • My Askari I-Net banking account is blocked, how do I get it re-activated?
    For re-activation of I-Net banking services please visit your nearest AKBL branch for bio-metric verification, thereafter call on AKBL Voice & Virtual Center to generate your new one-time password. After that visit Askari I-Net Banking website and sign in using your User ID. You will then be asked to enter one-time password (generated on IVR) to create new password for activation of your services.
  • I have multiple accounts with Askari Bank. Can I use all these accounts with Askari I-Net Banking?
    All accounts linked to your Debit Card are automatically associated and made available to Askari I-Net Banking. For linking multiple accounts to a single Debit Card, please visit your branch to complete the necessary formalities.
  • I’ve forgotten my User ID. What should I do? 
    Your User ID is confidential and you should keep it confidential. However in case you forget your User ID, please call our 24 hours Voice & Virtual Center at 111-000-787 for assistance.
  • Which options are available in Askari I-Net Banking?
    Askari I-Net banking offers a comprehensive set of services including:

    • View account statements
    • Download Account Statements
    • Online Funds Transfer
    • Cheque Management
      • Details of Cheques Paid
      • Details of Cheques Deposited
      • Online Cheque Book Ordering
      • Stop Cheque Option
    • Online Tickets Purchase
    • Cardless Cash withdrawal
    • Online Bill Payments
      • Utility Bills
      • Credit Card Payment
      • Multiple School Payments
      • Government Taxes
      • B2B Payments
      • E-Commerce Merchants
  • Which bills can I pay using Askari I-Net Banking? 
    Askari Bank offers many options for online bill payments. You can pay utility bills, as well as, mobile phone bills.
  • When is bill payment effective? 
    Bill payment is effective immediately unless you are intimated of a failure or an error. When you pay bills online, funds will be immediately transferred from your account to the respective Utility Company
  • When is funds transfer effective? 
    Funds transfer is effective immediately unless you are intimated of a failure or an error. When you enter your Financial PIN, the process is invoked immediately and funds are transferred to the destination account.
  • Is online funds transfer secure? 
    Askari I-Net Banking website is secured which allows information to travel securely from our servers to your computer. Also your transactions are further secured using a Financial PIN interface.
  • Is there any service fee to use AskariI-Net Banking?
    Askari I-Net Banking is provided by Askari Bank to its valued customers free of charge.
  • What is the maximum transfer limit? 
    The maximum per transaction limit is set to Rs.1,000,000 for all cardholders.
  • What is Access code?
    Access code is One Time Pin (OTP) that will be sent to your registered mobile number/Email address to access your I-Net Banking services. This feature has been developed to further enhance the security of I-Net Banking.Note: New access code is generated for every login attempt.
  • What is Session based financial Pin (F-Pin)?
    Session based Financial Pin (F-pin) can be used for multiple transactions in a single session.
  • What is Transaction based financial Pin (F-Pin)?
    Transaction based Financial Pin (F-Pin) can only be used for one transaction.
  • What is account view detail?
    You can view your account details by clicking “+” sign.
  • What is loan details Feature?
    You can view your loan details by clicking on ‘+’ sign e.g. principle, mark-up, installment etc.
  • Which loans are available in I-Net Banking?
    All loans availed from Askari Bank are available in loan section e.g. home finance, Ask4car etc.
  • Can I add payee before making Funds transfer or Inter-bank funds transfer?
    Yes, you can add multiple payees before making funds transfer (FT) and Inter-bank funds transfer (IBFT).
  • Can I order cheque book through I-Net Banking?
    Yes, you can order cheque book through I-Net Banking. Click on cheque book ordering feature in cheque management to order.
  • Where cheque book will be delivered?
    It will be delivered to your account maintaining branch.
  • How many leaves of cheque book can be processed through I-Net Banking?
    Number of leaves available against cheque book request are 10, 25, 50 & 100
  • Can stop cheque request be made through I-Net Banking?
    Yes, check stop request can be made through I-Net Banking in cheque management section
  • What is Cheque paid feature?
    It shows information about cheques that have been paid from your account(s).
  • What is Cheque deposited feature?
    It shows information about cheques that have been deposited in your account(s).
  • What is ATM card management?
    This is an enhanced security feature that allows you to block/unblock your debit card services through I-Net Banking platform
  • What is ATM card History?
    This feature allows you to see debit card block/unblock history.
  • How change limit works?
    You can use this feature to set daily fund transfer(FT) and interbank fund transfer(IBFT) limit within defined range
  • What type of information is available in message box section?
    Bank will send promotions & security alerts in message box.
  • What can I do with reward points?
    With sufficient reward points you can earn

    • Cheque book
    • Banker’s Cheque Issuance Fee
    • Visa Classic Issuance Fee
    • Visa Gold Issuance Fee
    • Visa Classic Replacement Fee
    • Visa Gold Replacement Fee
    • Issuance of Demand drafts drawn on other banks under special arrangements
    • Issuance of duplicate demand drafts (in lieu of lost)


  • How can I redeem my reward points?
    Please call 111-000-787 for assistance.
  • Can I book movie, Bus & Event tickets through I-Net Banking?
    Yes, you can book bus, movie & event tickets through I-Net Banking.
  • How to redeem bus ticket purchased through I-Net Banking?
    On successful payment from I-Net Banking you will receive a confirmation SMS & Email on your registered mobile number which you will have to show to bus/cinema or event ticketing counter to receive your ticket.
  • How to claim refund in case of cancelled cinema show or bus departure?
    You can claim refund for your booking in case of cancelled bus departures or cancelled cinema show times by calling helpline (03137786888) or sending an email at contact@bookme.pkNote: Refund will be made in maximum 5 working days.
  • How to avail discounted rates in bus service?
    Discounts are offered on first come first serve basis.
  • What if I don’t receive E ticket code SMS or Email?
    Please contact helpline (03137786888) or send an email at
  • What is
    Askari bank has collaborated with to provide bus, cinema & event ticketing service through its I-Net Banking platform.
  • What is Cardless Cash Withdrawal transaction?
    It is a unique and value added feature of our I-Net Banking & Mobile Banking platform, which aims at providing convenience to our valued customers cash requirements, without requiring a Debit Card
  • Cardless Cash Withdrawal limits?
    Cardless Cash Withdrawal transaction limit is PKR 25,000/- per day. You can withdraw the whole amount in a single transaction, or you can withdraw it in maximum 3 transactions
  • What is one time password?One time password (OTP) is an added security feature required by Askari Bank ATMs to verify Cardless Cash Withdrawal transaction.
  • Are there any additional charges for Cardless Cash Withdrawal transaction?
    No, currently there are no additional charges for performing Cardless Cash Withdrawal transaction.
  • What is Add Bill feature?
    With Add Bill you can predefine a billing company with a nick name of your liking. So next time when you want to pay a bill you don’t have to go through the billers list all over again.
  • Will I receive alerts on every login/logout?
    Yes, you will receive SMS/Email alerts on every login.

To view I-Net Activation Tutorial, please click here.