SBP in its vision to promote digitization has launched Pakistan’s first Instant Payment system Raast. Askari Bank in collaboration with SBP has integrated Raast payment services on its I-Net & Mobile banking platform, which will enable our customers to perform funds transfer/inter-bank funds transfer using Raast ID and IBAN.

To view Raast Tutorial Video click here

1. Click on “Raast ID Management”

I-Net Banking Mobile App

2. Click on “Customer Registration” on next screen

I-Net Banking Mobile App

3. Perform the following steps to complete the registration process:

  • Select “Raast ID” type as “Mobile”
  • System will fetch registered mobile number from the system and will populate on
    “Raast ID Value”
  • Select Account from the drop down menu
  • Select “Start Date” & “End Date”
  • Click on “Register Customer” to complete the registration process

I-Net Banking Mobile App

After registration customer can Link or De-Link his/her “Raast ID” as follows

I-Net Banking Mobile App

1. Click on “Raast Funds Transfer”

I-Net Banking Mobile App

2. Select From Account.
3. Select Transfer Type (Raast ID/IBAN)
4. Select beneficiary (in case of existing) or enter new beneficiary
5. Enter amount & select “Purpose of Payment”
6. Enter F-PIN received on registered mobile number
7. Confirm transaction to complete the process

I-Net Banking Mobile App
  • What is Raast?

    Raast is an instant payment system which enables you to perform funds transfer/inter-bank funds transfer free of Cost using I-Net & Mobile banking platform.

  • Where are Raast services located?

    Raast services are being offered through I-Net & Mobile banking platform.

  • How can I avail Raast services?

    To avail Raast services you need to create you Raast ID through I-Net or Mobile banking platform. Registration process is available here:

  • What is Raast ID?

    Raast ID is your registered mobile number that will be used as your account number. You can tag your mobile number with any of your accounts maintained at AKBL with your registered mobile number to start receiveing funds.

  • Can I Link or Delink my Raast ID?

    Yes, you can link or De-link your Raast ID anytime through I-Net and Mobile banking. The process for linking or De-linking is available here:

  • Is Raast service free?

    Yes, there are no registration charges, annual charges and funds transfer charges.

  • How can I perform funds transfer through Raast?

    The process of funds transfer is available here: