UPOP SecurePay Services

Askari UnionPay Debit Cards are now protected by UPOP through which you can enjoy a secure online shopping experience on local and international merchants.

UPOP SecurePay is the latest technology supported by UPOP, designed to ensure safe and secure internet-based transactions through authentication of each transaction by the cardholder. With this service, when you use your Askari UnionPay Debit Card on websites that have incorporated the UPI SecurePay, you will receive a One-Time Password (OTP) through SMS to complete your transaction.

For activation of UPOP SecurePay services on your UnionPay Debit Card please call 111-000-787.

  • Enhanced Protection – Get enhanced protection when shopping on UPOP securePay enabled websites as authorization of payment requires secondary verification via SMS
  • International Acceptance – Make online purchases from international websites that prefer UPOP enabled cards
  • Convenience – Enjoy hassle-free online shopping

To avail the benefits of UPOP SecurePay, please ensure that your mobile phone number is updated with Askari Bank. To update your mobile number, please visit your AKBL branch.

Step 1

Select the items you want to purchase from the merchant websites and proceed to the payment page

Step 2

Select “UnionPay Debit Cards” in payment mode and you will be forwarded to UnionPay Online Payments (UPOP) hosted payment page

Step 3

Enter your Askari UnionPay Debit Card number, payment information and registered mobile number and click “Submit”

Step 4

Upon successful validation, you will receive a 6-digit Dynamic Verification Code on your registered mobile number

Step 5

Enter the expiry date, CVN (3-digit code printed on the back of the UnionPay DebitCard) and the Dynamic Verification Code

Step 6

Upon successful transaction you will see the response on the e-Commerce website and will also get a confirmation SMS from Askari Bank on your registered mobile number

General Information

What is UPOP SecurePay?
UPOP (UnionPay Online Payment) is a security feature for internet-based UnionPay Debit Card transactions. It protects you from unauthorized internet-based transactions as you will be required to provide a one-time password (OTP) that is sent to your registered mobile number, when you make any transactions on UPOP SecurePay enabled websites.

Which Askari UnionPay Debit Cards are UPOP enabled?
The UPOP securePay service is available on all Askari UnionPay DebitCards.

How much will I be charged for the UPOP Service?
No fee will be charged for the UPOP SecurePay service provided by Askari Bank.

How do I register for UPOP SecurePay?
For registration of UPOP SecurePay services, please call Askari Bank’s 24/7 helpline 111-000-787. All Askari UnionPay Debit Cards customers with a mobile number registered with Askari Bank can avail this facility.

Do I need to call Askari Voice & Virtual Center to activate the e-commerce facility on my Askari UnionPay Debit Card?
Yes. You can activate timed based e-commerce transactions on your Askari UnionPay Debit Card by calling our 24/7 helpline 111-000-787

Can I deactivate the e-commerce facility on my Askari UnionPay Debit Card?
Yes. You can deactivate ecommerce facility on your UnionPay Debit Card by calling Askari Bank’s 24/7 helpline 111-000-787.

OTP General & Authentication

How long is an OTP valid for?
An OTP will be valid for 10 minutes, after which the transaction needs to be reinitiated.

Will I receive an OTP for all my internet-based transactions?
You will only receive an OTP for internet-based transactions on UPOP securePay enabled websites. Your Askari UnionPay Debit Card is blocked for non-UPOP (Unauthenticated) enabled websites.

What should I do if I do not receive my OTP?
If you do not receive your OTP, you may click the “Resend OTP” button on the authentication screen to request a resend.

What happens if I have entered an invalid OTP?
You have three attempts to enter the correct OTP. After three incorrect attempts, your transaction will be cancelled, and you will need to reinitiate the transaction with a new OTP.

What should I do if I receive an OTP for a transaction not performed by me?
Please call Askari Bank Help Line at 111-000-787 immediately to block your Askari UnionPay Debit Card

If my mobile phone is on roaming while I am abroad, will I receive an OTP for internet-based transactions?
Yes, you will receive an OTP via SMS. However, you may incur roaming charges (if any) from your mobile service provider.

Online Purchasing

Which browser do I need to use for UPOP SecurePay Service?
Any compatible browser such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. Please ensure that you have enabled pop-up windows in your browser in order to complete your payment with UPOP authentication or Non authentication.

How will I know if the website is safe to use?
Look for UnionPay logo when shopping online to ensure your account information is protected. These include a lock symbol usually found on the right or left side of your browser’s address bar and a web address that begins with “https”. Always sign out from any website after you make a purchase. If you cannot sign out, close the browser window and clear your browser’s cache and history to prevent unauthorised access to your account information.

How can I differentiate normal internet-based transactions from those made on a UPOP SecurePay enabled website?
UnionPay logo will be displayed if you are performing an internet-based transaction on a UPOP SecurePay enabled website

Will I be notified once the transaction is processed?
You will be notified by SMS if your transaction is successful.

What should I do if I suspect that information on my Debit Card is compromised or has been used to make fraudulent purchases?
Please call Askari Bank 24/7 Help Line at 111-000-787 immediately and report the same.

Will international transaction charges be applicable to internet-based card transactions?
If the merchant website is international or uses an international payment processor, you may be charged a fee as per our prevailing Schedule of Bank Charges. Furthermore, the currency exchange rate used will be the wholesale exchange rate of UnionPay prevailing at the time of the transaction.

Updating Your Contact Information

How can I register or update my mobile number?
Please visit your parent branch.