Become our Agent

Banks, exchange companies or money transfer companies may establish home remittance arrangement with Askari Bank for processing of their payment instructions through our state-of-the-art web-based program named as “Aasan Money Transfer System”. This system facilitates our correspondent banks/exchange companies for quick processing of following mode of payments to beneficiaries in Pakistan:

  • Cash payment over the counters of any branch of Askari Bank
  • Quick and direct credit to beneficiary’s account with any branch of Askari Bank
  • Quick transfer of funds in an account of beneficiary with any other bank in Pakistan through delivery of cheque, IBFT or RTGS

We will simply allow web access by creating Agent ID for your bank/company, User IDs for Admin level who can further create users for various branches as sub-agents. If you don’t want direct web access, our system also has the facility to process your payment instructions through import of file from your bank/exchange company via secured FTP Server or secure email etc.

For more details please feel free to contact Home Remittance Department, International Banking Division as follows:

Tel: +92-051-2287523
PABX: +92-051-8092092, +92-051-8092089, +92-051-8092090