Online Banker’s Cheques

As part of its constant endeavors to make banking more convenient, secure and tech-friendly, Askari Bank now issues Banker’s Cheques through its I-Net banking service. All AKBL I-Net users are eligible to avail this facility. Upon the submission of a request, the Banker’s Cheques are delivered to the customer’s requested address by courier service between two-four working days.

  • Minimum amount of Rs.50,000 per instrument, up to maximum amount of Rs.5 million per day
  • Total charges of Rs.580 per instrument, inclusive of FED (charges = Rs.500 + FED = Rs.80)
  • The customer shall sign in to I-Net Banking and access Banker’s Cheque under Payment.
  • The Banker’s Cheque information input screen will open where the customer will input and submit details/information concerning the Banker’s Cheque.
  • Upon completion, the customer will check the Terms & Conditions box after reading and agreeing to the same.
  • The customer will input the amount for the Banker’s Cheque, and select any of his/her linked accounts for debiting the amount for the issuance of the Banker’s Cheque.
  • After providing the financial PIN, the customer will press the “Submit” button.
  • The system will display information details for confirmation .
  • When the customer presses the “Finish” button, the online application process will be completed and funds for the issuance of the Banker’s Cheque (inclusive of all charges and taxes) will be debited from the designated account.